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Entry #1

Today I Got of My Ass

2007-09-05 22:42:15 by Pedochu

I have never leveled up. I have never voted on anything, reviewed a flash, reviewed a song/loop, or flagged a review. The reason I don't level up is because I love the lollipop icon. Why, it's the same color as the fab aura, and it's the only level icon that's edible! It's just too sexy. Anyway, today I deciding to actually start flagging reviews and writing them as well. And I updated my profile a bit. Also, buttsecks.


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2007-09-10 17:13:34

Is your name a combination of pedophile and pikachu?

...just curious. :P

Pedochu responds:

I love you. You are a fucking genius. It has taken people so long to figure that out. You are mah new bestest friend.


2007-09-10 17:14:38

...oh, I just saw your first news post... guess that's my answer, eh!??