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Entry #2

Getting back into Newgrounds & Flash.

2009-04-05 00:05:18 by Pedochu

Hello all. I'm back to newgrounds after a long period of inactivity. I've come back and realized just how awesome this place is, made in a few posts in the flash forum (which is a little disappoint considering every thread is a 3rd-rate collab or a question that could be answered with google,) and updated my profile and all my favorites. I think I'm here to stay.

I'm also getting back into actionscript, trying to learn everything I never did with AS2, and then hopefully moving on to OOP in AS3. I've got Colin Moock's AS3 book ordered so hopefully that will help me out.

My new game idea is something I WILL finish this time. It's going to be a 2D free-roaming platformer with a large emphasis on exploration as well as some RPG Elements. You play as an modern Inuit on a Zelda-esque journey. There will be a hunger and temperature meter you must keep full to survive. Hunger can be filled through growing/harvesting popsicles or ice fishing. You will find various essential/optional upgrades throughout the levels such as an auger for ice fishing and a rope for spelunking. Obviously because of the level of ambitiousness, I'm sure some of this will be scrapped. Anyway, I'm working on the engine and that should be up soon. Happy living everyone.


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2009-04-09 12:31:25

just for the record,
the correct spelling of nitrogyen was taken.
so i had to use this

trust me, i,m not stupid unlike somepeople on this site

Pedochu responds:

Alright, yeah I'm kind of biased against the stupid ones to, I guess I mistook you for one. I'm very white, I love correcting people on spelling, and I thought I had another chance. Guess I was wrong. See ya around.